Vadai! [ Savory Fritter from India ]

11 Jul

Makeup and Meringues


Nananana….Another recipe time. I had tweeted yesterday about doing a Beauty post next but I simply couldn’t resist posting this recipe. Vadai is a type of fritter made from lentils and it’s generally a street food which can be eaten any time of the day, but I made this for breakfast for my parents and younger brother this morning. It’s a VERY easy recipe and can be made in batch and fried later.

I hope you enjoy it! 😀


  • Lentils [Dal] Desired amount
  • Salt
  • Dried chilies
  • Onions 2 chopped
  • Cumin
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Sun Flower oil
  • Food Processor / Grinder

The Makings!

1. You have soak the Lentils for at least 2 hours in water before doing anything else. This will help them puff up nicely.

2. Chop the onions into very small pieces and I mean VERY small pieces as the onion pieces will fall out whilst cooking…

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