What’s wrong with our food?

03 Jul

the revolutionary socialists

Vegetarianism and veganism have always been presented as an exclusively middle class ‘right on’ eco lifestyle choice for anarchists, liberal Green Party members and people who can’t resist the elusive sexism and racism of Peta. But what’s this? Could there be some redeeming features of a plant based diet that don’t involve fat-shaming or a trip to Planet Organic? A Revolutionary ethos lies underneath the lentils and is in need of reclamation for ordinary people.

Practicing vegans avoid eating meat and all animal products, including eggs and honey because they understand the food industries to be unsustainable and corrupt. The Intensive farming of livestock coupled with the irresponsible use of energy and excessive packaging involved in food production is astounding. That doesn’t even include the environmental concerns of importing. Under capitalism, up to 1/3 of food is wasted each year in secured supermarket receptacles because it has gone past its…

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