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World Art Culture: Arabic Art


Arabic art or Islamic mainly represent geometric shapes or arc designs. Living beings like Humans, Animal or Plants are not included in Arabic Art form. Islamic art is not at all restricted to religious art, but includes all the art of the rich and varied cultures of Islamic societies as well. It frequently includes secular elements and elements that are frowned upon, if not forbidden, by some Islamic theologians. Calligraphy, Painting, Weaving, Ceramic Painting, Mehndi (tattoo) are Arabic Art forms  (refer Islamic Art )

It can be observed the fine line and strokes are enhanced form of calligraphy. The colors used in Islamic art form are shades of green, blue, black, yellow etc.


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El Centro Workers

Cuenca Video Life

Some of my favorites are the elderly gentlemen eacting his Cerviche on the street right next to the vendors stand,  the black and white rendition of the shoe shine vendor and the orange juice vendor who I see everyday on Solano.


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Cute Bowls from Stonewall Kitchen


SoundEagle in Edible Art, Glorious Food and Festive Season

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

SoundEagle in Art, Glorious Food and Festive Season
★*˛˚♥*✰ Delectable Craft ★˚♥*✰*˛★
˚. ★*˛˚♥*✰•˚✰*★˚˛. ★*˛˚♥*✰•˚✰*★*˛˚♥*
░░███▐██▐██▐█▀░░█░░▐██▐██▐█▀░░★*˛˚♥* ✰
★*˛Edible Art ★*˛˚♥*★*˛˚♥*✰*˛˚♥*✰•˚✰*˛
•˚✰*★˚. ★*˛˚♥*✰•˚✰* ★˚. ★*˛˚♥*✰
Wising You A Glorious Festive Season
🍹 🥘🍛🍣🥗🍜🍲🍱🍰🍝 🍸

🍣🥗 GOOD 🍜 FOOD 🍲🍱‍

Whilst the presentation of food and the taste of food have considerable correlations, sometimes the former seems to venture far beyond the horizon of gustatory sensations to scale the prodigious heights of artful imagination and visual representation.

Click any image below to see gallery images displayed in a full-size carousel view, where individual photos can be commented on by anybody who wishes to admire, critique or identify the dishes, ingredients, techniques and/or presentations.

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Rustic Vegetable Soup