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Paris in Motion

Parlez-Vous Loco?

One of my friends shared this timelapse video with me on Facebook and I had to share here too because it’s super cool. Plus I love his music choice; I think a little Massive Attack is a nice way to see (and hear) Paris. This. Makes me very happy I live here. This and about a million other things.

Check out Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo, at his website, or become a fan on FB.

And now … enjoy!

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City Explo[it | r]ation: Hannover List

Terence S Jones - a guy with a camera

I had some time today and so I walked a bit around Hannover List. Interestingly  Hannover is somewhat similar to Nürnberg in many aspects, however it differs in many others. Hannover List (here is a link to the German wikipedia entry) looks also similar to Berlin in several ways. Long alleys with long rows of uninterrupted houses, cobblestone streets, etc  (you will find several shots of the alleys in the gallery). 

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Ramadan is the Season for Inviting Others to Allah


Ramadan Mubarak

Jenquest Photography

My local mosque is undecided as to whether or not Ramadan will start for us tomorrow. Regents Park Mosque seems to think it will. Saudi Arabia will be starting tomorrow so I’m pretty sure my mosque will too.

Ramadan Mubarak | Happy Ramadan to you all.

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We sighted the moon


Ramadan mabrook!!

The auspicious month is among us, alhamdulilah we are once again blessed to reap the rewards of Ramadan, may our du’as be accepted and our sins forgiven. Ameen.

Let the soul cleanse commence!!

S xx


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Oh No! I Forgot to Put on Breast Pads!


A few days ago as I was entertaining some guests at my home, and someone informed me that I was leaking.  I suspose that I was so into the conversation that I did not notice that the left side of my shirt was completely drenched with breastmilk.  I had forgotten to put on breast pads.  In the comfort of my home, I conveniently changed my clothes and rejoined my guests.  However, for many, this embarrassing situation usually happens when outside the home.  Here is a way to control leakage if you notice that you forgot your trusty nursing pads. If you feel a “let-down” (tingley feeling) or are nursing on the opposite side, apply pressure to the nipple area with your hand.  If you are not breastfeeding at the time, you can conspicuously cross your arms across your chest, applying slight pressure.  Do this until you feel the sensation of…

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The Purpose of Jihad for the Sake of Allah