Rumi -“A star”

28 Jul

“A star”

Please do not remove the logos To download the cards in original size and quality clic on “download” on the left near each card in the album – Feel free to use the cards and share with your friends – – Rumi is best known as a poet to the Western worl…d, but he was also a Sunni Muslim Islamic Jurist, a theologian and sufi mystic. His works were written 13th century ‘New Persian’. Persian was a language used by educated people all over the Middle East: from Spain to India. As such he was using the ‘English’ of the time. No wonder his works cross national and ethnic borders then. His popularity has ensured translations of his works into local languages all over the Muslim world: from Urdu and Bengali to Arabic and Turkish languages. In the past decades his popularity has spread to the West. Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, also known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi has influenced not only Persian literature, but that in many other Muslim cultures as well. Again: South Asia, Turkic languages, Arabic and the West. He’s sometimes even considered the most popular poet in America. Born in what’s now Tajikistan, then part of the Persian empire, in 1207. Rumi traveled the Persian world and ended up in what’s now Turkey where he passed on in 1273. His Mevlana Sufi order (famous for the whirling dervishes) is still strongest in Turkey. One of the reasons for his current popularity is that Rumi was tolerant of all religions, and stressed love and charity in his teachings. The ultimate goal of his Sufi mysticism was unity with the Beloved, Allah. See more
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