My Forelock is in Your Hands

09 Jul

The Hadith:

The Prophet peace be upon him says: (O my God, I’m your servant son of your male servant and female servant, my forelock is in your hands, passing in me your rule, fair on me your judgment, I ask You by each name You called Yourself or You wrote in Your book or You taught to one of Your creatures or You hid for Yourself, to let the Quran be the spring of my heart and the light of my sight and the going of my sorrow) He said peace be upon him: (no one ever says these words when he is sad but God removes his sadness and replace it with happiness) So the people asked the Prophet do we have to learn these words? He replied 😦 yes, who heard them should learn them). [Narrated by Ibn Hibban in Al Raqaeq and by Imam Ahmed Bin Massoud].

The explanation of Hadith:

This Hadith confirms the importance of the forelock for supplication and healing, so what did the new medical researches discover about what scientists call the front part of the brain?


Scientific facts:

Scientists have found that the forelock or the front part of the brain grows during faith when the man lives a state of integration with special beliefs, but in case of bad practices and disturbances in faith and not believing in something (i.e., atheism), this region ” erodes” by time and the number of brain cells in it decreases and it become smaller. Thus the psychological disorders among these people increases and also their anxiety and frustration increase and perhaps it would be easy for them to commit suicide!   

Scientists have also found that religion and faith are very important in the treatment of mental disorders, diseases and healing because the belief in healing is half the cure! New experiments done on the brain using the magnetic resonance imaging have proved that when the human lies, his brain works more thus it needs more energy and this means that truthfulness saves in energy and in brain work.

The point of inimitability:

This Hadith certifies the greatness of Islam because the Prophet peace be upon him resigned his forelock to Almighty God, and it was proved that the forelock is the center of decision-making and faith therefore he demanded from God to look after this forelock.          


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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